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Posted: Wednesday 19 Nov 2014

Beginners Flyball video

Dogs and humans having fun on Walthamstow marshes November 2014: Flyball video

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Posted: Friday 05 Sep 2014

***New Flyball***

Flyball started on Sunday and was a great success.  Jenny Knight from Essex Flyball  Team gave a fantastic demonstration and then our dogs were off.  All made good progress and had a good time:




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Posted: Wednesday 18 Jun 2014

David Hoffman Photo Session

David Hoffman renowned photographer came along and got these amazing close ups of Sid the Patterdale, Rory the Irish Terrier and Magnus the Schnauzer doing the hurdles.

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Posted: Monday 12 May 2014

Agility Terriers yesterday

See Rory the Irish Terrier and Sid the Patterdale in action:


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Posted: Wednesday 12 Mar 2014

"Dangerous" dogs

More in the media about Dangerous Dogs - but prevention is more effective than legislation and this message is not getting across!

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