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Posted: Monday 21 Oct 2019

Training Tip:

Training tip: Be Quiet! Stop Talking!  Ok, I'll explain. Its tricky having an excitable dog who doesn't seem to listen when we are trying to teach them something.. They get jumpy uppy and bitey but don't do what we are asking. But try this: Stop talking, stop asking, stop encouraging, stop looking at them... Use your non-verbal cues if necessary. If they get it right, you can speak - but quietly and briefly - you can say Good and chuck a treat and then go back to no words. No words means keep doing what you are doing and I'll let you know when we're done. It's really difficult for us humans but give it a go!

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Posted: Friday 04 Aug 2017

Dog Agility Training

Group dog agility courses in Leyton and East Sussex - patient instruction, fun for your dog, good exercise for both of you!



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Posted: Thursday 14 Jul 2016

Tracking Workshop December 2019

The next Introduction to Tracking and Scentwork training for dogs is being held on Sunday 7th December 2019 10.30am - 3pm. Venue is in Burwash Common, East Sussex - 90 minutes from East London.  Calming for excitable dogs, and confidence-building for anxious or defensive dogs.  Small groups, and hands-on experience. Come and have a go!  Lunch included.

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Posted: Wednesday 26 Nov 2014

Wet weather flyball

See video clip of Molly the spaniel - she's got it!


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Posted: Wednesday 19 Nov 2014

Beginners Flyball video

Dogs and humans having fun on Walthamstow marshes November 2014: Flyball video

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