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Tuesday 17 Mar 2020

Online Dog Training

Posted by: Lydia Burke.

We offer expert help via online group training or 1-2-1 without you having to leave your home. Don't worry, we can still see your dog or puppy, and give the right advice to achieve successful results.  We use Zoom for group sessions and WhatsApp video calls for 1-2-1 training, or can simply talk you through the training on the telephone if you prefer. We follow up the sessions with individual information and video links. The cost is £90 for six weeks of 60 minute sessions.

A small dog and a large dog playing tug of war with a length of cord

Group Training Classes

Just got a new puppy? Or want to train your dog? Sign up to a group class.

A small dog holding a lead in its mouth

One to One Training 

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A collie dog jumping a training hurdle

Dog Agility & Flyball Training

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