During the Covid-19 pandemic we have moved some of our activities to online training in line with government guidelines

We provide Zoom group online training, where you can interact with the trainer and the other owners.  We also do 1-2-1 training sessions specific to your dog's needs and your particular circimstances.  These can be done via WhatsApp video call, Skype or Zoom - whatever you prefer.  Owners tend to do the training indoors, but it is also possible to do the training outside if you have reliable internet connectivity.  We can give you advice about using Zoom or WhatsApp on your phone or laptop beforehand.

Terms and Conditions

1. Cancellation policy: Payment refundable if we receive 48 hours’ notice of cancellation before the 1 2 1 session or before the first day of the group training course. If not, you will be expected to pay the full cost.

2. We don't send out receipts, but they are available on request.

3. Dog training activities are at your own risk.

4. Privacy statement - we may contact you to let you know about relevant training activities.  We may take photos of you or your pet to use on social media.