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    Positive and fun dog training and behaviour help in London

    We offer positive and fun group dog training courses and one-to-one behavioural help for challenging behaviours in person and online in East London and beyond. We are vet-recommended due to our expertise and experience with dogs.

    Whether you have a tiny puppy, an adolescent or senior dog, a rescue or rehomed dog, we can help you, as we understand the learning needs and challenges of a dog's life at each stage.

    Our Services

    Qualified and experienced dog trainers

    Our trainers are highly qualified and have many years of experience under their belt working with dogs, using science-backed, positive learning methods.

    We can help you with anything from choosing a puppy or rescue dog, the crucial first few weeks, training calmness, learning good social skills with people and other dogs and overcoming separation anxiety and other behaviour challenges.

    Each of our trainers specialises in a particular area of dog training, allowing us to offer a wide range of services, from scent work, through separation anxiety to canine nutrition.

    Meet our team

    Popular dog training classes

    We offer puppy classes all year round, as well as agility and scent work training and special classes for excitable or reactive dogs.