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Gold Mentorship Programme

Gold mentorship


This is the option for you if you want the maximum support from us

Our Gold Mentorship Programme provides you with 24 sessions, 2 weekly online meetings with your Mentor and at least 30 observations of classes and 121 sessions. You will also enhance your business and marketing skills, get help creating a website and be supported in your new role. You will also get the chance to participate and teach (when you are ready) in unlimited face-to-face and online dog training sessions, and will receive supportive feedback from these, including:

• Group puppy training courses, group Foundation courses, Group obedience-type courses, group agility (beginners and improvers).

• Other group sessions (recall, nice lead walking, Flyball, Excitable/Reactive and Scentwork etc)

• 121s for puppy settling in. 121s for puppy/dog training issues. 121s for behaviour issues (such as anxiety, aggression, separation issues, resource guarding etc)

• Solo dog walking with training

The Gold Mentorship Programme is £1800.

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