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Kickstart your new career working with dogs by joining our year-long Mentorship Programme to learn from our experienced trainers.


Mentorship Programme

Are you contemplating a new career in animal care such as dog training, dog walking, or pet sitting? Has training your new puppy/rescue dog inspired you to learn more? Have you done some studying but need some hands on experience with dogs and their owners? We run a year long mentoring scheme to help you on your journey, with three different cost and intensity options: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

By signing up to one of our Programmes you will be mentored by expert dog trainers with opportunities to observe what we do. You will also be supported in your business and marketing skills. All you need to get started is proof of a basic training course (eg IMDT Career as a Dog Trainer course) or a Level 2 Animal Care course, read our Information Pack (Pdf) and then complete Application form (MS Word).

  • Foundation support

    Foundation support


    Our Bronze Mentorship Programme is our most affordable option and is a good start if you already have experience with dogs and need some structure and support to proceed starting out as a dog trainer.

  • For more hands-on support

    For more hands-on support


    This is our medium mentorship programme where you get more guidance and supervision from us including lots of support and opportunities to gain practical experience. This programme is great for those who would like to improve their practical training skills.

  • Comprehensive support

    Comprehensive support


    The Gold Mentorship Programme is a very comprehensive programme with ample opportunity to observe group classes and behavioural work, teach when you are ready and get ongoing feedback. This programme will upskill you on the business side of things too to help you get started.