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Puppy training

Our puppy classes can help your puppy to learn the most important foundation skills and behaviours to grow into confident, calm adults.


Give your puppy the start they need

Sits and downs are useful behaviours, however, they don't come close to teaching your puppy important life skills that will help them navigate complex environments in a confident and calm manner. Puppies are precious and we prioritise creating a learning environment that is calm and positive and where they feel safe.

Our puppy classes predominantly focus on helping you to teach those life skills, such as how to stay calm and focused and be comfortable with their environment, among other helpful behaviours. We put a big focus on communication and body language to help you better understand each other's communication and subtle signals so your relationship can thrive.

We will help you teach behaviours to your puppy such as giving you attention and staying engaged with you, coming when called, patiently waiting whilst you walk away from them, dropping objects and other foundation exercises including basic scent exercises to promote calmness which may be one of the most important life skills a puppy can have.

This is also a great way to socialise your puppy with other puppies and humans, so they can learn good social skills, and get used to the perks of a new environment.

Our trainers aim to cover the right balance of theory and practice so you walk away from the course with lots of knowledge and helpful tools to help your puppy grow into confident adults.

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The course runs over six weeks, one hour each week, and is for puppies aged 9 to 19 weeks (approx.). Over this age, you may want to check out our Foundation group courses.

Online Puppy Course

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to start training early and make the most of this valuable phase in your dog's life. During puppyhood, dogs are likely to absorb new learning more easily. For those wanting to start before vaccinations are administered, our online Puppy Course is great for that.

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