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Online Course on Body Language

Dogs use body language as their main communication method! Without understanding subtle signals we cannot fully understand our dogs.


Learn about your dog's body language

Do you know why your dog may be yawning? Have you ever seen your dog do a good shake? Is wagging always a sign of happiness? Does panting mean your dog is tired?

Dogs use body language as their main form of communication. They not only do this to communicate with their own species but they also use it to communicate with us. Some signals are so subtle that could easily go unnoticed or misunderstood for something entirely different to what our dogs may be trying to tell us or their environment.

Learning the various signals and body language our dogs may display helps us fuly understand how they might feel about a particular situation, interaction or thing in the environment. Understanding body language can help us approach and communicate with our dogs with ease, whilst misunderstanding signals could lead to frustration on both sides. We can become true advocates for our dogs, meet their needs in a wholesome way and gently guide them once we understand how they feel.

Our Online Body Language Course can help you with all of the above to deep dive into all the signals that dogs use to communicate with their world.

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