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Come when called

Our Recall class can help your dog master this very important skill - how to ignore distractions and come when called.


For a reliable recall

Did you know that recall starts with your dog successfully ignoring distractions in the environment?

We find, recall tends to be one of the most challenging behaviours for owners to teach and dogs to master. Recall, is a complex skill for any dog, and it requires regular practice and very careful proofing against distractions such as dogs, picnics, squirrels and other exciting distractions in the environment...

Our Recall training course consists of two 90-minute sessions including all the exercises to help you build a reliable recall, even in the presence of distractions. In this course you will learn a variety of techniques and strategies to help your dog focus more on you and less on the environment and to strengthen your dog's recall.

You will also learn how to incorporate training techniques into your everyday routine that is fun and effective and will help you maintain this very important skill.

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Before you book

Dogs learn best when they are comfortable and relaxed with their environment. Group classes are best suited for dogs that can stay relaxed and focused when close to other dogs. If your dog gets over-excited, barks, lunges, vocalises or shows stress in the presence of other dogs, we would recommed our Excitables/Reactives course where you can learn techniques to help your dog relax with distractions around before venturing into other training. All of these behaviours signal that your dog is likely not comfortable with dogs being too close, or they find the outdoor environment a little overwhelming.

All of this is very normal and needs to be addressed separately, so that you and your dog can make the most of training. You could also consider getting help on a one-to-one basis.

If you would like to discuss which course may be the best for your dog, we are only an email away.

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