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A holistic and ethical approach to dog training and behaviour includes considering canine nutrition and physical fitness



Maedhbhina is a South London-based dog trainer and canine nutritionist, who believes training needs to be fun as well as effective, helping to create a growing bond with owners and their dogs. She is passionate about the health and fitness of dogs, and this runs through all her training programmes, giving her a unique comprehensive approach to training. Growing up on a small-holding she was surrounded by animals of all varieties, from rabbits, sheep, goats, pigs, geese, ducks and hens to dogs, cats and ponies.

After studying a BA in Fine Art and an MA in photography, Maedhbhina worked as a photographer and arts educator running her own photography school. After many years, Maedhbhina decided to give up photography to work with dogs and their people. One of Maedhbhina’s dogs Mabel was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and anxiety shortly after the death of her companion Rosie, a 15 year-old Staffy.

Working tirelessly to create a diet to alleviate Mabel’s digestive issues and promote her health and wellbeing to create a calm and happy dog has led Maedhbhina’s desire to consolidate her knowledge of dog training and behaviour, and her interest in fitness and nutrition. She continues to study the link between gut health, behaviour and nutrition. Using her knowledge of the science of food Maedhbhina helps dogs and their owners make the right choices about what to feed their dogs.

Maedhbhina teaches various courses with Friendly Creatures. She also teaches classes on Telegraph Hill from puppy classes, classes for dogs who may struggle with overexcitement or reactivity and fun nosework classes and you can find more about her at Telegraph Hill Dog Training