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Prices and Terms and Conditions

Before you book

Please find below our full price list and terms and conditions to consider before booking.


Our prices

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Our Terms and Conditions

  • Cancellation policy

    We are happy to refund for cancellations if we receive 48 hours' notice before the 1-2-1 session or before the first day of a group training course. Any payment can also be used as credit if used within the next 6 months from the start date of the cancelled original course or session. We are unable to refund or offer discounts for classes within a dog training course.

  • Weather conditions - changes to classes

    We try to go ahead outdoors every week. However, if the forecasts predict torrential rain, heatwaves, severe frost, extreme winds, or any other adverse weather conditions, we may move our classes to online, unless you have booked an agility class, which may be shifted to an earlier hour or different day. Online training is very effective.

    We keep a close eye on weather conditions every week, and we will endeavour to notify you of in-person classes changing to online classes, shifting to a different time or day, or cancellations on the previous day. In case of sudden weather changes, we may need to make changes on the day.

    We take our work and our clients' (dogs and humans alike) safety very seriously. We don't make last-minute changes lightly, but sometimes we have no choice.

    By booking our classes, you accept that weather conditions may result in changes to our classes to protect health and safety.

  • Group class size

    We limit attendance in most classes to 8 maximum (we accept more in our flyball classes due to the nature of the activity), we are unable to control the size of the group as it depends on bookings, therefore some groups will be smaller, some bigger.

  • Receipts

    We don't send out receipts, but they are available on request.

  • Dog training activities are at your own risk.
  • Privacy statement

    We may contact you to let you know about relevant training activities. We may take photos of you or your pet to use on social media.

  • Data Protection

    We keep email correspondence and other client information for no longer than is necessary.