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Solo dog walking

Solo dog walks

We are now offering special solo training walks East London, ideal for dogs who need space


Solo dog walks

Solo walks are often a better option for dogs, with specific needs including anxious dogs, reactive dogs, older dogs, excitable dogs, rescue dogs or any dog or puppy who needs basic training with less distractions. Solo dog walks allow us to really accommodate your dog's needs and go at their pace be that literal pace perhaps due to age or an injury, psychological wellbeing needs, due to anxiety, reactivity, or specific training needs.

We can provide extra support for those reactive to triggers in the environment to help address the behaviour, and get your dog more comfortable around these triggers.

Cost and good to know

Costs £45 per hour

Your dog is going to be walked by a qualified insured dog trainer who will be fully responsible for your keys. During the walk your dog will have lots of sniffing opportunities to encourage calmness, which is often so much more beneficial, than 'mileage', and work of specific training needs.

Your dog is going to be walked locally in familiar environments, no cars and any related stress. We will towel dry your dog after a wet or muddy walk. We can send video footage and updates on how the walks went.

For reactive dogs our trainer will work on counter-conditioning to reduce reactivity and send you a behaviour report after each walk so you can continue recommended techniques.

Getting started

Our trainer will arrange a home visit to meet you and your dog and find out your requirements. You can explain access arrangements, location of dog accessories etc and preferred walking area.

Areas covered

We currently cover East London. Please send us an enquiry so we can discuss your requirements and location.

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