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Friendly and helpful!

My puppy's training is solid now after classes with Friendly Creatures. See what else our clients wrote about us:



I really enjoyed taking my puppy to the 6-week puppy training class with Vanda. It was a great opportunity to learn how to build the essential blocks for the important bits – less about how to teach 'sit' or 'paw', but focusing on how to train reliable recall or 'drop it', which is much more important in the real world. Looking forward to working with Friendly Creatures more with our pup as he grows.

We had two online one-on-one training sessions with Friendly Creatures and we'd recommend them in a heart beat. Our young dog developed some reactivity issues after an injury a few months ago, but two sessions have already made such a huge difference - our walks are already much calmer, as my husband and I have a better understanding of what's going on in our dog's head.

Our Friendly Creatures puppy class was a great experience. The Friendly Creatures trainers really helped us understand our dog's behaviour and taught us how to communicate constructively with him through training exercises. And we were give homework exercises to practice every day. I would strongly recommend it to anyone with a puppy!. Thank you!

Friendly Creatures offers a very sensitive and gentle training programme: the dogs are never forced outside their comfort zone. My dog and I particularly appreciated the gradual progression from simple to quite complex exercises. The homework also proved useful so we could practice at home during the week when we had time.

Friendly Creatures are such a godsend. I've done several courses with them over the years, and they've all been amazing. The last course was with Martina on Reactivity. She is an incredible teacher, knowledgable as well as super kind and empathetic. She has a very personal approach to dogs and owners too, nothing is "one-size-fits-all". All the courses are also super enjoyable – lots of fun for my doggo and myself too.

We took the Excitable/Reactive course with Friendly Creatures and thought it was a great introductory course! Our instructor, Martina, was brilliant and you could tell she only had the dogs best interests at heart. The training was force-free, rewards-based and Martina adapted the classes to suit the dogs' needs on the day. This is a great option - particularly for those unable to afford 1-to-1 training!

We just completed the fun beginner's agility course with Martina. The session size was small and all the dogs absolutely loved it. It was a great, encouraging environment and our 1.5 year old corgi got the hang of all the hurdles, weaves and hoops. Martina was a wonderful guide, providing valuable training advice along the way. We learned to communicate and bond better with him and have fun on a Saturday morning.

Great puppy training class. Got a fantastic insight on puppy/dog behaviours and the logic behind training exercises. We really enjoyed our 6 lessons and are sad the course has ended as it made us all look really forward to Sunday. We got lots of great take aways and detailed notes so we can keep practicing with our pup! Highly recommend these classes.