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About Us

We absolutely love dogs!

We help owners all over London learn how to understand their dog's behaviour so they can train them using force-free training techniques.


The Friendly Creatures team has trained over 5000 puppies and dogs!

Friendly Creatures was established in East London in 2010 by Lydia to promote knowledgeable owners and happy, well-behaved dogs. As the number of dogs has increased so too have we expanded to include an expert team of trainers running classes over numerous London venues and online. We are well-known and popular with owners providing high-quality and fun puppy training courses as well as Agilty, Flyball and Excitables/Reactive dog courses and lots more.

We help owners understand their dog's behaviour and how they learn, so they can train them using force-free training techniques and learn how to communicate better with each other.

We also offer one-to-one training and behaviour sessions.

Meet our Team of experienced qualified trainers.

Some of our Services

  • Puppy courses

    Our Puppy training courses runs over six weeks, one hour each week, and are for puppies aged 9 weeks to 6 months (approximately). You will learn how to teach your puppy useful behaviours and life skills, such as coming when called, walking nicely on the lead and settling on their bed when needed.

  • Dog Agility

    Our agility courses are for those interested in delving into the world of agility in a fun and non-competitive way. We balance the high excitement of agility with calming exercises that help the dogs stay grounded and focused. Your dog will learn to navigate equipment such as jumps, hoops, and tunnels etc.

  • Excitable Dogs

    We run special courses to help excitable, reactive and sensitive dogs learn how to remain calm in the presence of things that trigger them (such as other dogs, strangers or even children). We create a safe environment in a small group class or online to work towards tolerance of these triggers.