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Online Advanced Skills

Advanced Skills

Online Advanced Skills helps you perfect some more complex behaviours with the intent that you take the training out into the real world


Advanced Skills

If your dog has good foundation skills already and knows most basic exercises you are now ready to challenge them (and you) some more.

This four week course is a great way to progress your dog's existing training so that they are more responsive and accurate. We get you to carry out the exercises along the 3Ds of learning, Distraction, Duration and Distance. You will also build your bond as you work on more complex exercises and harness your dog's problem-solving skills.

In this course we cover more advanced exercises such as heelwork, problem-solving exercises, waiting patiently whilst you leave them, searching games, dropping objects, emergency stops and middle. We can be flexible with the content according to your dog's needs and exeperience. All the exercises are done in your living room with the intention that you eventually can do the training outside in the real world.

Our Online Advanced Skills course runs on Tuesday evenings over four weeks, one hour each week.

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