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Online Courses

All dog training should start at home. Our online classes are great to build solid behavioural foundations before taking them 'on the road'.


Learn in the comfort of your home

Our online classes have a number of crucial benefits:

  • It allows for puppy training to start even when vaccinations have not been administered. We cannot start training our puppies early enough. During puppyhood, our dogs are likely to absorb more and faster, therefore this is the best time to teach your puppy behaviours that you will want to see later.
  • For those wanting to train in the comfort of their own home, online classes are great. We wish all training started at home. This helps build solid foundations before taking any knowledge on the road, which requires careful proofing.
  • For some behaviour challenges, it is simply necessary to meet online. Check our 121 Training and Behaviour help page to understand more on how we can help to overcome challenges such as fear of strangers, separation anxiety, resource guarding etc. and why online sessions are the best.

Our online Dog Training Courses

  • Training starts as early as possible

    Training starts as early as possible

    Puppy course

    Start before vaccinations.

  • Learn how to help your reactive dog

    Learn how to help your reactive dog


    Gain thorough knowledge and practical help.

  • Learn the concept of training 3Ds

    Learn the concept of training 3Ds

    Advanced Skills

    Take training to the next level.