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Frequently Asked Questions

There's lots of advice here

Here we provide answers to your queries about our dog training but please get in touch if you need any advice.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the training class go ahead in bad weather?

    We try to go ahead outdoors every week. However, if the forecasts predicts torrential rain, heatwaves, severe frost, extreme winds or any other adverse weather conditions, we may move our classes to online, unless you have booked an agility class, which will be shifted to an alternative date. Online training is very effective as it is completely free from distractions.

    We keep a close eye on weather conditions every week, and we will endeavour to notify you of in-person classes changing to online classes or cancellations on the previous day. In case of sudden weather changes, we may need to make changes on the day.

    We take our work and our clients' (dogs and humans alike) safety very seriously. We don't make last minute changes lightly, but sometimes we have no choice.

  • What age should my puppy be to start training?

    We welcome puppies in our online Puppy course from as early as 8 weeks. Puppies are like learning sponges at this time, ready to absorb lots of knowledge, therefore starting early is a good approach.

    For our in-person group courses puppies are usually over 11 weeks old after they have had their vaccinations. We also have Foundation/Puppy courses for slightly older puppies from about 20 weeks.

  • Can I attend a class on a future group training course if I have to miss a session?

    Unfortunately we cannot offer this option. One of the benefits of a stable group is that puppies and dogs become relaxed and familiar with the other dogs and owners. We provide detailed notes of what was covered in class, so if you do miss a session, you will get the information so you can practice at home. There may be special circumstances when we can fit you in.

  • If my pooch comes into season during the time of the group course can I still bring her?

    All the dogs in the group will be on lead and discouraged from interacting with each other to help learning. Also there are only a few days when she may cause disruption to the class due to the smell of her hormones so the timing may work out. We may ask you to keep her slightly further away from the other dogs. You may not want to bring her to training if she is subdued or grumpy because of being in season, to avoid stressing her unduly.

  • Can I attend a "taster" agility session?

    In order to ensure the comfort and safety of all dogs and humans in our classes, we like to keep our group of dogs and owners consistent for the whole six weeks. This way they can feel relaxed and familiar in the environment. So unfortunately not, but please have a look at our Instagram and YouTube channel to see what our agility class looks like to see if it is what you were hoping for. We like to take it slowly and gear the obstacles and exercises to each specific dog. If your dog gets stressed with other dogs running about in close proximity, we may recommend our Excitable/Reactive dog training course first.

  • I'm not quite sure what training suits me and my dog best. Can you help?

    We are only or phone call away to answer any questions you may have and help you decide how to move forward with your training approach.

  • My dog is barking and lunging at other dogs. Can I bring him/her to class?

    Dogs that lunge nad bark or display other signs of discomfort around other dogs, humans, vehicles or other environmental triggers are best to attend focused training where this can be addressed. We recommend our online, in-person Excitables/Reactives classes or seeking 121 behavioural help.

  • Can you help me find the dates and times of my preferred training course?

    All the dates, times and venue are on our booking site so you can visit this to check dates without necessarily having to book anything.

    For Puppy (inperson & online) and Foundation courses Book here

    For Agility, Flyball and Hoopers Book here

    For Excitable/Reactives (inperson & online), Improvers (inpersons & online), Reflex Recallers, Nice Leaders, Understanding Dogs Body Language and all other courses Book here

Our friendly team are only an email or phone call away to answer any questions.

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