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Whether you have just brought your new tiny puppy home, have welcomed a rescue dog into your life, or want to do some activities with your dog, we have a course for you. By clicking on the buttons below you will be taken to our automated Bookwhen system where you will find dates, venues and trainer information for all our East London courses

Puppies and Foundation

For details of all our Puppy and Foundation courses

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Agility, Flyball and Hoopers

For details of all our Agility, Flyball and Hoopers courses

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Excitables and Other classes

Find details of our Excitables/Reactives and all other classes

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Please consider the below before you book

Dogs learn the best when they are comfortable and relaxed with their environment. Group classes are best suited for dogs that can stay relaxed and focused when close to other dogs.

If your dog barks, lunges, or shows stress in the presence of other dogs, we would recommed our Excitables course or seeking 121 help with us, where you can learn techniques to help your dog relax with distractions around before venturing into other training.

All of these behaviours signal that your dog is likely not comfortable with dogs being too close, or they find the outdoor environment a little overwhelming.

Feel free to email us, if you would like to discuss which course may be the best for your dog, or if you can't find the dates or venue you are looking for:

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Our other locations

We have sister companies to help you, in case you are in one of the following locations:

South London

Explore our South London classes at Telegraph Hill Dog Training with Maedhbhina.

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St Albans

Explore our St Albans (Hertfordshire) classes at Uli Dog Training with Martina.

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