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Silver Mentorship Programme

Silver Mentorship

This is our (medium) Silver Mentorship Programme for that bit more support from your mentor.


Our inbetween programme for more guidance, support and practical experience

If you think you may need a bit more guidance and supervison from us, our Silver Mentorship Programme includes a lot more support and opportunities to gain practical experience. You will be entitled to 24 mentoring sessions, as well as 24 observations of group and 121 sessions.

This programme provides you with lots of support from mentor as well as lots of chances to observe dog training classes. You will also be able to observe our 121 behavioural work. When you feel confident, you will be encouraged to assist the trainer during the group sessions. We will advise on further training courses that you may need. You will be encouraged to video your initial teaching experiences (role playing with a friend or talking to camera) so that we can give constructive feedback to progress your skills

This programme is £1200.

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