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Life-long learning

Our Improvers course is great for those with solid foundation skills, ready to take on more learning.


Deepen your dog's skills

If your dog has good foundation skills already and knows most basic exercises, and you would like to solidify and stretch those skills, this course can help you achieve that.

This course is not only a great way to challenge your dog a bit more but also to build your bond through cracking more complex exercises, harnessing your dog's problem-solving skills. We also delve into stretching the exercises along the 3Ds of learning, Distraction, Duration and Distance to solidify foundational behaviours.

In this course we cover more advanced exercises such as coming away from distractions (toys and food), problem-solving exercises, waiting patiently whilst you leave them, leaving objects, dropping objects, walking nicely on a lead, emergency stops. If we have time left, we may sneak in a trick or two.

Our Improvers training course runs over six weeks, one hour each week.

Online Improvers Course

Our online Improvers course can really help you geek out free of all outdoor distractions making the most of the learning.

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Before you book

Dogs learn best when they are comfortable and relaxed with their environment. Group classes are best suited for dogs that can stay relaxed and focused when close to other dogs. If your dog gets over-excited, barks, lunges, vocalises or shows stress in the presence of other dogs, we would recommed our Excitables/Reactives course where you can learn techniques to help your dog relax with distractions around before venturing into other training. All of these behaviours signal that your dog is likely not comfortable with dogs being too close, or they find the outdoor environment a little overwhelming.

All of this is very normal and needs to be addressed separately, so that you and your dog can make the most of training. You could also consider getting help on a one-to-one basis.

If you would like to discuss which course may be the best for your dog, we are only an email away.

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