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Online Course for Reactive dogs

Online Excitables/Reactives

Our online course for Excitable and Reactive dogs allows you to learn in a safe environment about overcoming your dog's behaviour.


Online Course for Reactive dogs

Just like humans, through experiences, dogs can become sensitive and worried about things in the environment, like dogs, loud vehicles, strangers, children etc. They could be too excitable, or they may be nervous, and show signs of apprehension in the presence of these perceived 'threats'.

When dogs feel nervous about something in the environment, they will likely show behaviours in hope that the trigger may go away, such as growling, barking and lunging or by showing subtle signals that we humans have to learn how to read. Mostly, these behaviours help the dog to stay safe, by increasing the distance between them and the perceived 'threat', and not a sign of over-confidence as often thought.

Our Online Excitables/Reactives course is a great start to learn about why these behaviours happen and what your dog is trying to communicate and to learn practical exercises in a safe environment to help your dog be more comfortable with their environment.

Our online courses run over four weeks, with an hour each week.

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