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121 Training and Behaviour

Behaviour support

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Individual Dog Training and Behaviour support

121 Training

We offer individual training for those who would like to focus on a particular training challenge with their dog in an individual setting. This may be working on a better recall or learning how to walk nicely on a lead. Working on an individual basis is great as the focus is fully on your and your dog's needs and the training is completely tailored to you.

Behavioural help

Experiences, environmental factors, hormonal changes and other factors can contribute to dogs developing behaviours from time to time that you may find challenging. This may result in your dog finding the outdoor environment uncomfortable or might include a behavioural challenge that needs to be addressed in your home, such as separation anxiety.

In our behavioural sessions, we aim to get to the underlying cause of the issue, we help to craft a comprehensive training approach that is achievable to you. Our number one aim is for you to understand why your dog may be doing what they are doing, what the behaviours are trying to communicate and how to help your dog overcome these behaviours by carefully arranging your environment and implementing your training plan.

We may ask you to implement some specific steps, if this is going to be crucial for the success of the training. E.g. for separation anxiety, we ask that your dog is not left on their own for the duration of the training process.

Online Consultation

We do most of our behaviour sessions online, in the form of two 45-minute session to focus on a specific training or behaviour need. This allows for flexibility in terms of timing and location. For some specific behaviours, such as separation anxiety or fear of strangers, the most beneficial approach is online as the presence of the trainer can be a distracting or worrying factor for your dog.

Depending on you and your dog's need, we may opt for a series of short online sessions to track progress. We find, for separation anxiety this is the best approach.

In-person Consultation

Where this is required, we will come to your home to help you with a specific behaviour. We always start with a short online session to build a thorough understanding of you and your dog's training/behaviour needs, to enable us to use the in-person session to implement training solutions.

Separation Anxiety

We offer an online Separation Anxiety package which includes a series of short sessions to support you through the process of acclimatising your dog to being alone. We ask that your dog is not left alone for the duration of the training as this is essential for the dog to overcome the stress of being separated from their family.

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