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Meeting our dogs' needs and promoting calmness is the most important thing that we can do for our dogs. The rest tend to follow nicely.



Words cannot desribe my love for the now 14-year old Lonci

Vanda rescued Lonci in 2010 at the age of 10 months. Lonci was found in a bin with two of her siblings and had a traumatic start to life. Through their bond naturally evolving over the years, she became interested in dog behaviour, why dogs do what they do, how they communicate and how trauma leaves a mark on a dog's life and how to help them be comfortable.

After moving to the UK with Lonci, Vanda started attending dog training classes and delving deeper into the world of dog training. She has completed numerous professional dog training and behaviour courses with the IMDT, Chirag Patel and graduated as certified trainer from the Victoria Stilwell Academy with distinction. She has also qualified in Level 3 Canine hydrotherapy to understand more about the physical and physiological side of things.

Vanda's passion is giving dogs and humans a good start on their journey together, by focusing less on the obvious exercises and more on communication and how to help dogs be comfortable with their environment. Her mission is to create an environment for dogs where they can feel comfortable and calm.

Vanda has been teaching classes for nearly 10 years and now runs Friendly Creatures together with Lydia trying to better dogs' and humans' lives around London and beyond.